Today is the fourth time in my career I needed a function that oscillates... to animate a 3D model slowly rotating left and right for my personal project.
Yay for the sine and cosine functions :D
...I never used them outside working with (mostly 3D) stuff that has to animate in a loop

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    That's sad. Trig is one of my favorite areas of math.

    I used it extensively in game dev, and a fair bit in other areas like graphics and animations.
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    Control systems and anything to do with physical modelling use trig extensively too
    Good stuff, trying to calculate trig functions without a library or hardware support is a ton of fun lol (look up CORDIC)
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    I use them often when doing shadertoy stuff or programming some animated unreal materials. I also noticed that you get a circle when using a sine in x direction and a cosine in y direction. Oh, wow, that's math...
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    @Root yeah, well... unfortunately I don't do game dev(though I would love to)... I work for a medtech company and it's just "take this value and show it here; measure this, measure that" all day long.
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    @sirjofri I have shadertoy open on my second monitor :D I will have to do some shaders for what I am working on right now... shaders are like black box to me tbh, you are just setting some variables and magic happens :D
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    @bytecode we are still looking for programmers, if you are interested. Especially unreal devs are rare to find...
    Shaders is lots of math and I like it more and more. Using unreal to create materials is a good start btw. You learn many basics etc
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    @sirjofri well, I am using processing because I am trying to create a fancy but small launcher for a few games and minecraft modpacks that we are running the servers for at our students' club. Using Unreal Engine for this task would be like trying to kill a mosquito using an ICBM.
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    @bytecode sure. I just mentioned it because it's a good way to learn more about shading math etc. But shadertoy is also a great way (and also more programmer-friendly)
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