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train was supposed to come at X:44
had an announced delay of 5 minutes.
the train was **11 fucking minutes late **
fun time waiting in 0° coldness

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    oh man same

    had a bus at 8:17,

    bus arrived at 9:20

    (not today) English buses are a fucking joke 😂
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    last week i was going home by train and it was late three times from five working days for up to fourty minutes
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    Not trying to be an "I suffered moar" asshole, but my 400km train was 3 hours late
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    Unannounced cancelations on twice-daily buses and 1 hour delays are commonplace here.
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    And I thought Belgian public transport was pretty shitty, but damn, these delays are much worse.
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    Is this a joke? In Germany everything under 30min late is still on time.. Waiting 2h in the winter sucks balls
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    I don't know why you rant.

    0° is the perfect: Not warm, not cold.
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    You 1st wolders worrying about 11 minutes delay in a train. Here in my shithole country the public transportation has routes but an schedule is not even a though. Usually depends on how many passengers are onboard if it will go faster or slow to pick up more passengers on the way
    And a 3 hours delay in an airplane is considered average and nothing to rant about
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    The train did arrive at all? That's some high quality stuff right there.
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    Once in a station in my city I heard the following:
    "The train from X to Y will arrive 230 minutes. We aplogize for the inconvenience'" 😁😁
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    @reij i am in germany lol
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