For fuck’s sake typescript !

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    Sometimes typing is more strict than js. U cant just type pure js and expect it to work
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    Some ideas are just stupid. Will typescript make js faster? No, it will make it slower. Will typescript make development with js easier or quicker, hell no. And should you develop so large and complex projects in JS that you can't keep track of types? No. If you need that protection your using the wrong language mate.
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    @Ubbe i guess it is made for marketing , ppl with java or .net programming background feel bad on js or php or any low typed langage. Typescript is there to tell them "ok come on, we will become typed for u"
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    As a TypeScript programmer, I think that all of the comments above are just fool
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    I actually like TypeScript.

    Please don't hurt me
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    Are you using angular? If not, there should be plenty of options
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    @devapsarl @Ubbe Static typing has nothing to do with "marketing" ffs. It's about static analysis, programmer efficiency and most importantly proper code architecture. If anything I would say people afraid of types are the worse programmers because they don't understand the importance of architecture, which btw is the single most important thing in any medium to large sized project
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    @12bitfloat Nobody should be afraid of types. They are great. But as we have discussed before there a different languages for different purposes. There is plenty of stubborn and stupid dogmatism in the field and glueing types on top of JS is in that category. Typescript does not solve JS problems as much as it eats away at it's advantages.
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    @12bitfloat And my point is that large, complex software project should not be written in JS, typescript or not.
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    @12bitfloat things end up typed in all ways.
    But i agree that the developer in more envolved in the memory management with typing.
    But i am still happy that we dont use C pointers to manage memory even better.
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    @devapsarl The C type system is one of the worst static type systems there is. It's arguably not even a proper static type system when you are required to do casts between unrelated types just to do dynamic memory management...
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    I will compile all the fucking ts to js to compile it ... Fuck that shit
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