Spent a couple of hours setting up an old laptop with opensuse leap and trying to learn the basics of using it so I can simulate a small network (my desktop, a couple of old laptops for specific tasks, and my school laptop) with that laptop as the ‘hub’ Put syncthing on there as a pseudo-cloud system, teamviewer for remote access, and did all required updates for the OS. But literally no idea where to go from there What all should/can I do with this setup useful or otherwise. This is meant to be a learning experiment with a hope for some usefulness from it

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    Links and articles very welcome I’m here to learn anything interesting
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    Screw teamviewer (really). Once they think you are using it as a company, they might block you.

    When talking about Windows (and Linux with xrdp) you can use RDP (a Linux client is 'Remmina') to access other machines.
    Or use the command line ;)


    Maybe start using VMs? E.g. Microsoft has Hyper-V. Ideally choose a cluster capable one - so you get a bit closer to a 'real' cloud.

    When talking about Microsoft machines, you can bundle them in a 'domain', but you'll need a master ('domain controller') which can manage settings.
    As Microsoft's is quite expensive (but with a free trial) you can also use the Linux based Univention Corporate Server.
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