So I lost a bid for a fintech app with blockchain capabilities that cost less. I can understand the cost less part. I charged 4000 grand. The winning team charged 2500. But come on, five weeks? And a hundred grand maintenance fee per month?

Still very salty about losing the contract, ngl. But I really cannot wrap my head around the 5 weeks delivery. It sounds like the rival dev team will whore themselves out selling prototypes and pretend it's production.

Oh well, at least my desk job pays more than enough for my lifestyle.

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    an app for 2500 seems too low to be serious. is this in us dollars?
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    2.5k to deliver, 100k/month to maintain? Wtf!?!

    Shouldn't that be the other way around?
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    @nystl it's in Philippine Pesos. 2.5 million to be exact.


    Theirs: $49,000.00/five weeks with $1,960.19 monthly maintenance fee
    Ours: $78,407.72/13 weeks with no maintenance fee.

    They cost 9.6 a week grand to run, while we are at just around six grand.

    Thus, we run at $30,156.00 for five weeks.

    Turns out we're waaaay cheaper than them lol.

    Still, I am new to bidding contracts, I do not know how to price things to be honest. I just wanna take this as a lesson for myself and my team.
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    I would like to order one blockchain plz. Very cheap, would like discount.
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