Is there any other programmer that started as an architect (building architect, not IT)?

I'm divided between two different careers and working around 15hours a day because I can't focus on one. Is this a normal thing?

I work as an architect for the past 6 years and were always interested in the technology part of it.

Soon I got to be a BIM coordinator and started using Dynamo for Revit.

After that, I got involved in learning Python and now start studying web dev (front-end)

Programming is very addictive! I get it now why IT people stay in their dorm like it's a cave

In architecture there's always a client you need to make happy, while in programming I create things the away I want them to be, without all the boring formalities that I am used to.

I can learn it for free and there's a huge community to help on it. All careers should be like this.

I'm happy, but really tired 😪 my social life is resumed to hanging out with my dogs

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    Keep up the good work! Don't worry about spending time in your cave all the time, I have already accepted that dogs are all the social interaction I need.
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    In programming you also need to keep your client happy.
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    @Gopher3040 i feel they are more open to new things
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    You can be a "software" "architect" too.
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    @priandpasta true, they are but the trick with software is they dont know what they want most of the time but they want it asap :)
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