Had another meeting today. The solution architect said two insulting jokes about developers like:

"The devs will nevertheless mess it up"

Devs are the ones who make chaos

This meeting was with a customer and his developer. I was just furious!

This useless son of a bitch needs to learn his lesson

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    Heh, a guy where I used to work made these snide remarks all the time. I spoke to him several times about it, he always dismissed it as "Come on almond, just a bit of banter". I spoke to the manager about it, he also dismissed it as "just banter", nothing really happened.

    So I decided to join in. One meeting, he said the same thing and I came out with:

    "Careful Bob, we don't want to mention your little incident the other month do we!"

    "Eh? What you on about?"

    "Best left unsaid, anyway, carrying on..."

    "No seriously, what?!"

    "Bob, don't worry about it, just banter! Anyway, so how are we managing the release schedule, I'd recommend..."


    Bob came out of said meeting furious, stormed in the manager's office, demanded I was disciplined, manager called me in too.

    I replied "Come on Bob, just a bit of banter." The manager laughed. Bob lost it completely and started shouting and swearing.

    Bob was disciplined.
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    @AlmondSauce kitchens and heat come to mind.
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    @AlmondSauce great idea.

    I was thinking also next time to also make a joke about solution architects:

    I ask the customer:
    "If we may contact your solution architect regarding this project? Oh you don't have one? Who needs them anyway..."
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