I used vs code for a solid 3 years, but my friend has been using notepad. No color coding. No dark theme. No auto commenting. No suggestions. Just plain black text in a white box.

Like a psychopath.

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    damn, is he an actual working professional?
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    Sounds like your friend is my dad?
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    Tell them that they're missing out
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    They are aware of the bugs in notepad that mean you can lose half your work aren't they.. ?

    If you are really really careful with cut and paste, it seems to work ok, but one tiny overzealous use of it, and wham, shit vanishes.

    Now, if it only did x.bak copies every minute, things would be peachy !

    I was using it the other day for 3 days whilst I created a website, was so much easier than fiddling around with anything else !

    Didn't used to be so good, because of LF's and stuff.

    Still has the same bugs 20 or is it 30 years later now !

    Interestingly you see the same bugs on other OS systems which have a notepad, it is almost like they stole the code from MS !
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    Find a new friend.

    One that's not a psychopath
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    Don't you mean "Like a boss" ?
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