So, I’m currently a software tester (please don’t hate me) who is looking to move into development. I’ve been teaching myself programming and have been applying for junior dev jobs.

But it’s been tough, places I’ve been applying for want candidates who have had at least 1 year experience developing in a previous role.

I’ve had an interview for a junior role, but they wanted someone with more experience (and it was my first technical interview so I may have made a few mistakes)

I don’t want to be testing software manually forever (seriously, the manual regression test pack where I work is 1000+ test cases), I find programming more interesting and fun.

What can I do devRant?

Onwards and upwards with the applications. 👍

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    I hate you

    Anyway, perhaps you could work on some libraries, projects or other stuff in your free time to build up a portfolio, you'll gain experience and have something to show off.
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    As @alexbrooklyn said, also there is a skill to taking interviews and technical tests, so the more you do them, the better you will be. So don't give up, keep on applying and use your tester experience in interviews, this will give you an advantage over other applicants.
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    Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I’ve built a website using the Bulma CSS framework and created a blog using Jekyll. It does have it’s advantages of being a tester, I’ll keep on applying! 👍
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    Well as a QA engineer, if your job contains no coding you're doing something wrong. Why don't you start automating your regression suite? Set up api tests, UI tests, build up a central reporting system, start working with the shit ton of data you generate, create automated risk and impact predictions on commit and become the expert in your company when it comes to how your application works and I guarantee you, in less than a year you'll have a resume with which recruiters will hunt you down for junior or professional position. If you still want to leave, what in my experience are few after they tasted what QA can be if done right.
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