Recruiter.... when will the day come when you finally understand that you should read someones profile + listen to what they answer.

I have clearly in my profile written, that i don't want to work with Java. What do i get 70% of the time? Exactly: JAVA offers.

What do i else get for offerings? IT Consultant? QA Engineering? How many requests are something, that i'd actually want to do? Exactly. 1 in 100 offerings.

Recruiters, please step up your game, it's annoying and a waste of time for you and for us.

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    How about going to an interview just so you can tell them that the recruiter isn't doing his/her job? Obviously they won't give a fuck until they get complaints from their client - the company.
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    @Lor-inc because i don't have the time to do so!
    I am currently employed with 'open for new opportunities' but actually taking the time to do so won't change much on the long run...
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    I just send them something like "Thank you for your offer, unfortunately the content of your message doesn't provide information which would indicate this job would be a general improvement over my current position. Due to a high number of similar offers I am unfortunately not able to pay further attention to your proposal."
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    @hitko That's a great reply!
    I will definitely consider sending those very formal but at the same time aggressive replies to those recruiters.

    Thank you!

    Also; if someone offers me job with the technology i have actually stated in my profile that i dislike working with them, i send usually something like this:
    "Hello Mr/Mrs. X,

    thank you for your interested in me, but unfortunately, i am not interested in working with the technology of your offering, which i have also carefully written in my profile.

    Best of Luck with your continuous search,
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    It's like Justin Bieber songs, the recruiters know you hate it so much that you know every word in order to avoid it, so you probably know it better than anyone else...
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