I coded part of feature 2 months ago.

Left it to help frontend guy a bit, deal with fire after release. ( we’re missing frontend integration tests and every release is pain in the ass ).

My backend code coverage is about 80% so not much can go wrong at this point.

So I added more code today and it looks like new feature is working but don’t know what the code I added 2 months ago exactly do.

The only thing I know is that it definitely needs refactoring ...

Being only backend dev / release manager / administrator/ dev ops in project is painful I need to deal with everything on my own 😔

At least client doesn’t care if it’s done in one week or in one month right now.

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    I feel you. I've been there in the same situation. I was fortunate enough to not endure this for long time though.

    Talk to people and see if they can help you out by being the release manager or even a help you with code reviews or something
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