> Client: Could you check for me where did they[code authors] put logic for this and that
> Sure!

> okey, api endpoint here, hmm
> oh sure here is the database access
> where tf is some logic....
> fml, am I blind, lets check frontend
> it's there
> it's on frontend
> and backend just puts it into database, no checks
> FU0!@#% )(#*%)H )F+#+!!@!

> *to client* We need to talk about future of this project.

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    Ahhh the good old days.

    Our company's previous dev wrote calculation logics on the front-end for an e-commerce. (Probably 2 years ago)

    Good news is, the project that was developed got removed from production.

    Our company also removed the said project from the portfolio 😂

    They probably received complaints from the client, and they realised how shitty it was coded.
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