Is it just me or are all the stoopid people in middle management? Why do these clueless people always impose completely nonsense requirements? Like 'You have to process all entered client data but you are not allowed to store it, nowhere, because of GDPR, storing data is evil!' But when customer logs on all his not persisted data has to be pushed to the frontend immediately. WTF THIS IS CRAZY

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    Why yes, just don't STORE the data. For the display, simply use the SAVED data. Problem solved.
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    Encrypt it, obviously. That should be default, although I'm aware that literally no one does it.
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    It's like the law of nature that says that you will always fill up the space you live in. With managers, they have to justify their existence, so they will create work and processes until they appear to be necessary.
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    @Lor-inc data that is encrypted and stored is still stored data
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    @electrineer But if only the user has the key then it isn't stored for the purposes of the gdpr. You could, for example, hash the password and encrypt with that, this way it's safe enough and the user doesn't even need to carry a key file.
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