Is it frowned upon to include a link to a terrible developer's linkedin, as well as the company they are working in?

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    I think that is doxing.
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    @bkwilliams i really don't think anything on linkedin is private information
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    In the spirit of DevRant, that’s not kosher. The idea is an anonymous community where we’re free to actually express our thoughts about technology without fear of identification and thus potential consequence. If you “out” someone’s real work and put their face to it, that violates the ethic. What if that person is on here too? Would you like them posting your LinkedIn profile? If they want to reveal identity leave it up to them to do it.
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    I mean.. personally I think it's okay
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    If you have a developer that has 4 years of "experience", converting json to array like this at multiple locations

    $string = str_replace('[', '', $string);
    $string = str_replace(']', '', $string);
    $memberIds = explode(',', $string);

    You'll want to shame him too.
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    It's a dick move. Seriously, why are you so upset about someone else that you'd try to publically humiliate them?
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    @OneOrZero I don’t do PHP, how should it be done?
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    @bkwilliams there's an in-built function for it.
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    @torpkev because this person doesn't bother to look for better ways to get things done.

    Told them countless times. But everything still continues.

    So tell me, how would you have handled it?
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    Speak to them, then talk to your boss if needed. I wouldn't publically post it on devrant, which would change absolutely nothing except make you feel oh so special and superior.

    Dont be an ass, super simple stuff.
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    @OneOrZero what's more, if it were me and I found out, I'd report you to HR so fast your head would spin.

    Dont be that guy.. nobody likes that guy.. nobody can trust that guy.
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    @OneOrZero again not a PHP dev, but in reading https://php.net/manual/en/... it looks like it takes json strings {...} and not json objects [...]. Rant about the dude listening, but we really don’t care who it is. If you think he lied about experience, take that up with your manager or HR.

    If you have more experience and know a better way, great. Let him know, but you can’t change the way people code unless you have standards and code reviews.
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    @torpkev got what you mean. Just needed an opinion, hence my question here.
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    @bkwilliams that guy is definitely trying to parse a string.

    Because of '[' and str_replace.

    json_decode would have been suffice.
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    @OneOrZero json: I don't do that......, I'll just walk away now 🤫

    No I don't, I hit the prick who does that with a keyboard.

    As for your LinkedIn doxing, that's not the devRant way. But by all means share their code, just don't name and shame.🤗
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    Yeah, no. That's downright doxing, no matter how public the information really is.
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    DevRant should not be a place settle your petty grievances.
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    It doesn't matter what the forum or the topic. Do you seriously think for one moment that using that person's identity is an OK thing to do? That is just so casually cruel. No, do not do it. And take a long hard look in the mirror.
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    @OneOrZero Off-topic but I actually did that JSON abomination in reverse once. Why? Because Python's JSON encoder is a fucking cumbersome trainwreck that cannot handle types outside the standard library by default, and encoding arrays of custom types never worked for me at all.

    That said there's no reason not to use a cleaner solution if possible. No excuse to publicly ridicule someone either way, though.
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    That's technically doxxing and that's actually against devRant's ToS which you signed as well.

    Next to that, it shouldn't be your choice to put that data online and its a dick move in general I'd say :)
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