This is the ugliest goddamn prompt


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    Flip the two in center and it would actually make sense. Well thats VSCode and it's weird visual studio like dialogs.
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    Why not just yes and no and a checkbox "never ask me again, please, I beg you. And don't show me your bad UI anymore"?
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    If it's in the FOSS bit of VSC, file an issue and/or fix it?
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    Lol a nice example how “native” electron apps are. Get an IDE not a webpage;)
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    @Mr-Myrk your argument doesn't make any sense. That's a system prompt. It's the most native thing vscode has.
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    @Mr-Myrk This chromium instance is a helluvalot nicer than some IDE's.
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    @theuser *cough* Eclipse *cough*
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    I can almost guarantee it either prompts you for a choice for every file or doesn't allow you to change the global config when choosing for all files.
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    Never, No, Yes, Always
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    I think the main issue is the semantics of the question. The question asks about a specific file but "never" and always" refer to all current and future files.

    Never, Not for this file, yes for this file and yes for all files makes more sense to me.
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