I just created the best bug of my career yet.

Logged out the user from frontend, but forgot to log him out of the backend.

Struggles of the modern fullstack dev I guess.

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    I don't understand. How do you log out of the frontend, but not the backend? What is the frontend if not just a view/interface to the backend?
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    Thats the thing, I implemented everything on both ends, just didn't connect them.

    Simply didn't revoke the token
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    "log out of the front end" = remove auth cookies?
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    There is no such thing as “log out on front end”.
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    Yep, though the server side kept setting the auth cookie back automatically(laravel and vuejs)

    True and false, you have to set the access token somewhere and probably some data about user.. Clearing that effectively means logging out from FE, atleast on an interface level
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