*Website exists*

Client: “I should be rich by now. Please fix.”

Me: “... Did you do any ... marketing?”

Client: “I don’t have money for marketing. That’s what the website is for.”

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    Also your client: "SEO? No, sorry I don't speak weirdospeak"
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    @dontPanic usually those clients that have heard about SEO are even worse
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    @willhertz "how come you take money for it? I've heard it's easy!" kind of stuff?
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    Even 4 year old can change wallpaper, why this update is taking so long.
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    @SaXxonCorp i am not opposing you. but there is not any kind of free service in this world. I feel like this.
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    @SaXxonCorp I think we need to pay for Facebook to advertise our page.(other wise no one will know about our page)
    i don't know about other social networks.
    hope you may understand!
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    Client types some random words on google.

    Client: why isnt my website the first result?
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    @coderipper oh yeah. So much this. Whyyyyy?!
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