Me: Yay everything is tested and everything works!

Manager: Changes password of the e-mail server

Me: :(

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    Why would a manager do this? It would be understandable from an admin, but a manager?
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    @Lor-inc totally forgetting that the server is actually being used
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    Talking to another company
    Me: why aren't my api credentials working?
    An email to me, cc 7 other people

    "oh the guy who set it up for you used his own account and doesn't work here anymore. Here is the client id and secret you used to use, here is the new client Id and secret"
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    @cmarshall10450 'And here\'s the private key while you\'re at it'
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    @alexbrooklyn i also have full admin access given to me by other systems only because I need to make an API call to one small feature but it requires full admin access to do that.

    I asked if we could have less access buy apparent it's not possible just to upload data
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