Can we have a new rule on greendots? As soon as they ask for "the codes" instant permanent ban. Fuck off.

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    What are the "green dots" and what are the "the codes"? Very confused.
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    @Demolishun New account with the default green asking for answers to their homework aka "help me with the codes"
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    Code in plural 🤮

    If we're talking about launch codes, sure, code as in a program, it's code. Always fucking code.
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    I am now going to have to be super careful.
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    @halfflat If your first post isnt a question or a meme you are fine.
    (you shouldnt post memes and only post questions about dev life, no code, main reason for the devrant is ranting about devlife)

    That is everything that keeps those purists happy.
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    If this were to happen a question on SO would show up:

    "How to keep from being perma banned on devrant?"

    "I don't get it. Devrant is more toxic than SO is."
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    @Gregozor2121 Posting memes is fine as long as they are good-quality dev memes that are original content. Everything else can die in a fire.
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    @PrivateGER "So true! How to exit Vim, though, am I right?"
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    @Jilano "Hahaha, Stackoverflow down, I can't code, am I right?"
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    @PrivateGER "Dude so much this! Like that missing semicolon! Haha, so hard to find like my will to live!"
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    @Jilano "There's a secret language in the pixels. It speaks to the compiler, it speaks to me. It speaks to the world. In the small as the large. The map becomes the territory. Bugs. Bugs everywhere. They feast before they, too, die."

    Oh wait. That's just me.
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