Today I left a post it-note on my desk at work saying “EAGER not LAZY”. Realized that out of context that sounds weird. None of them are positive in my opinion. Hopefully only devs will notice it.

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    I've totally done that, too. Usually unintentionally. Sometimes with messages that are really awkward or dark to non-devs, like:

    > "Don't upsell assholes"
    Don't generate an upsell package for assholes that won't buy anything

    > "Ensure parents can kill children"
    > "Destroy orphaned children from tests"
    Destroy nested objects when their parent is destroyed.

    > "suck -> reset"
    Reset the accounts of "hackers" that suck so bad at "hacking" they don't bother to even make the data look remotely legit, or even use the names of their tools for e.g. faked order numbers. If they suck that bad, they deserve to be spat upon.

    I've written things like these on my desk before (whiteboard wrap) for everyone to see. It earned me a few strange looks. Made my day 🙂
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    Took me a minute, then I remembered reading about those concepts in FP. LOL
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    I Kind of like lazy evaluation...
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