Ok so j cant decide if i should text person X after a small fight and a bit longer time of not texting

So i google up random YES/NO program generators

I rolled that shjt on multiple websites

On ALL websites the first shit that i got from my roll was a NO

What the fuck

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    So maybe do not text her..? :)
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    The thing is, did you decide to check another website after the first “no” or was it the plan to check a couple of sites ?

    Second, what did you hope to see when polling ? - that’s usually the answer in the first place.
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    maybe you should after all. It seems like the first no was not what you were looking for... so you went to other sides. In my opinion you wanted a yes.
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    @dder i wanted the answer to be Yes but i needed a confirmation

    On website 1 first roll was a No
    On website 2 first roll was a No
    On website 3 first roll was a No

    Etc for about the first 5 sites and then i gave up looking for more sites

    But of course new rolls were a mix of yes and no

    Like what are the chances for a no to be in 5 different websites as the first random result
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    @ShotgunSurgeon correct but i make bad decisions so learning from my mistakes, i came to conclusion to at least double verify my decision before i make the decision
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