so i saw this job post and i kinda liked this company's name.

went to their page, its a websites/app dev company. good for me

in the middle of screen it flashes in bold "80+ apps made, 31+websites..." along with websites and apps.

Out of curiousity tried to open a few of their app links, but guess what.. none of the apps were from that company's account!

Now it isn't wrong but their can be a few situations:

- company uploads their apps directly on client's account(plausible)
- company allows interns or maybe full time employees to launch app on their own dev profiles and still shows on company website as their own( weird but okay)

But why would they have links to open source apps under different company names? As far as i know, Companies proudly launch open sourced apps from their own account..

I think i got them xD

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    At least you added the, “as far as I know” part
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    @drac94 thanks for this. I was also thinking it would be insane to show other people's app on your website unless you were a company that was outsourced for making that app
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