Anyone still uses emacs on daily basis?

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    You misspelled vim.
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    Emacs users leave emacs? I assumed they just booted straight in and remained there for weeks or years at a time
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    @groxx SysV? Systemd? Whats that? Excuse me what? You don't have Emacs as PID 1?
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    I wouldn't wanna live without.

    You just have to ignore all those faithless souls trying to make fun of something they have never used.
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    Emacs is a superb OS and can even drive cars autonomously these days. It's just a shame that it still doesn't offer a decent editor.

    And vi is like emacs, but without OS, and no support for autonomous driving.
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    @Fast-Nop And it can run Crysis !
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    vim represent
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    @fuckwit long time no see :)
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