Building sites for friends as a favor. You’d think I’d have learned by now that this is an eventual friendship killer. And if the site isn’t the friendship killer, when a friendship goes bad, the site becomes like a kid in a custody dispute. In my case, I’m happy to turn the kid over, but you gotta pay attention to what I tell you about him because when he misbehaves, you’re not gonna want to seek me out for a solution.

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    Exactly. When my friends ask for it and say: uhumm... But inside I'm: "only if you pay for it, honey"
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    I’m a charitable person by nature and he was having a tough go of it financially. I believed in his product and wanted to help him succeed so he could catch a break. Other circumstances not related to the website have soured the friendship (big misunderstanding that he blames me for without talking first). Now he wants to take control of the whole site. Ok, fine but it’s not like riding a bicycle. I built it based on 2 decades of experience doing sites like this. This is such a train wreck now.
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    I mostly refuse to work for and with friends. I have a game development business with friends but we have signed a legal contract for each individual project so this is why everyone is bound to follow it thus things are smooth so far.
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    And now the person already gave the site to someone else and expects me to bring them up to speed, but the other person deleted my login. Then proceeded to screw up the look and feel.

    Well, **** off then. You’ll get no further help from me.
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