Maybe not as much a question as a request for advice.

What I'm looking for is a free website hosting service that preferably lets you import your own source code. If it's got paid services for access to things like your own custom url and such, that's just fine. :) It's a for a hobby group project with people that aren't necessarily programmers in any way.

What we've checked so far is just Svenska Domäner, which have a site builder tool, but the custom source code feature is a paid service.

Since there's so much to choose from in this field I thought I'd check with some of the people I trust the most in these kinds of things. :) Any good suggestions?

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    I use a raspberry pi + Cloudflare and a cheap domain.
    Brings the cost down to the domain name and the USB lead to power the Rpi - granted you have an Rpi?

    Otherwise, you could look at aws Lightsail (about $3.50/month) which will work with git.

    Outside of source code, is there databases or any other resources you'll need access to?
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    GitHub Pages + Jekyll
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    @C0D4 I don't have an Rpi, no, I can't afford it. Amd like I said, this is with people who aren't programmers and I myself don't know jack about git quite yet, and this is a very lightweight project. :P

    I know there are tons of services that offers hosting and building tools and such, I just figured I'd check with the people who know these things if some might be better than others. :)
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    I suggest taking a look at https://www.netlify.com/

    You might need to learn three got commands, but that shouldn't take long.
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    @Navigatr how do you plan on deploying the code then?

    Direct over sftp or like a website builder with an upload method?
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    @C0D4 An online website builder was the idea. Keep in mind that this is very lighthearted, we're just trying to figure out how to build the visuals of a website, the downside is that a lot of platforms (unsurprisingly) have companies as their main demographic.
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    @Jilano I'll check it out. :)
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    @Navigatr i don't normally bring this one in, but https://wix.com sounds like it's going to be the ideal then.

    You won't have to learn how to code it up, and you can manage it from within their platform.

    You can if you want to code it up if you need to change anything specific.
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    @C0D4 I'll give it a look when I'm at a computer! :)
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    AWS (free Kontingent), Guthub Pages or something like that. Free Hosters a shit and can go suck a big one
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    "Hey guys, remember when @C0D4 recommended Wix.com?"

    PS: The screenshot has been sent to you-know-who.
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    @Jilano 😏
    Given the requirements, lack of experience and the overall budget.

    It's that or wordpress... and well, I have to keep some respect around here.
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    @C0D4 That's a fair point, but I'm still going to make fun of you.

    By the way, I have never tested Wix personally so I'm wondering how is it (besides the probably awful performances)?
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    @Navigatr Just remember that the business model of sitebuilders like Wix is vendor lock-in. While you can do your own site, you cannot export the data. If you should ever need "more", you will be tied to that service, and paying will be the only option. That's why they give out "free" plans.

    On top of that, the websites generated with Wix & Co are total train wrecks under the hood. But then again, that's the same with WordPress.

    For toying around with visuals while being clear that what you are generating are throw-away mockups, it should be OK.
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    @Jilano for 5 seconds work and a "publish site" button...

    It could be worse

    Under the hood is a living hell for someone in the profession, but we just need a free, simple solution right now.

    @Fast-Nop true, nothing saying @Navigatr can't continue to make something himself and move onto something else if the budget or experience allows for it.
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    Azure Web app on a free tier
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