CEO announced a bug bounty programme for devs to do stuff in their free time for additional cash.

Cash is decided by business people based on their idea of how complex the given problem is.

And it's not for bugs one could just find and fix. Only some fixes/features decided by them.

Like second shift.

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    Remove bug bounty from the tags. Your boss is simply paying you OT. Nothing more nothint less
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    Paid ot, except the boss decides how much to pay, and if you don't manage to fix the bug, you don't get paid for the time spent 🤔
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    Sounds like a great way to make everything worse, and screw everyone over at the same time.

    He'll probably give himself a bonus for coming up with it, too.
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    Add some bugs with timebomb (Starts happening after let's say 2019-12-15)

    Point them out and say how difficult they are to find

    Fix them

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