Advent of code day 10. Nope im not doing that. Fuck that. No.
But day 11 was fun.

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    Damn I totally forgot about AoC.
    Fucking work.
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    @nitwhiz I was hyped to AoC this year and finish it unlike the last years.
    Did Day1 ez
    Day2 intreresting and fun
    Day3... Yeah.. Still haven't look at it

    I just can't find the time to do these.
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    @fuckwit same here. Half assed solution for day 3 not working properly..
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    Wtf guys ? Day 3 was easy. Day 10 fucking hell not touching that shit.
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    @Haxk20 I haven't looked at any after day 2.

    And I'm still trying to decide in what language I will do them. If I decide to do them at all that is
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    @Haxk20 it's not about complexity, it's about time not being available to even read the task and think about it properly.

    To speak in scrum: it's a 3, but it takes a day.
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