Windows - what the fuck! I cannot understand why people WANT to use this - its' buggy, unstable and the user-experience leaves me with the same feeling as when i step on a dog turd barefoot.

I know Linux has been a hard road for many, even a few years back I would do an update and my day would be lost to fixing it. But it's literally made by people in their spare time! Ultra-corp Microsoft fuck it up all the time, with thousands of full time employees!

Gah. Come back steve jobs - I need a hug. (please wear your turtleneck)

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    for me, is a matter of this 2 facts.

    1. videogames

    2. I had some serious issues with drivers/compatibility in some distros.

    I'm happy right now with win 10, even when I break something.
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    Please tell me, that you don't actually believe, that the every Linux distribution out there is written by people "in their spare time". Let alone the kernel.
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    @Makenshi don't ruin this for me - it is the last lie i tell myself to sleep at night
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    There is certainly a very large community of unpaid developers working on the kernel and everything else that runs on GNU/Linux, but there is an enormous investment of time, money, and labor from countless very large companies. IBM, HP, Cisco, and many many others have and will continue to pour mountains of resources into it.
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    ...and games are no problem in Linux. Maybe they were trouble in 2010, but that's just not a situation anymore.
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    @bahua welp. I tried lol, not long ago, and ran quite slower. Also I just read, no tried about ff14 in linux, two years ago, and the tweaks and final result were not appealing. I dunno how is it now, but at the first sign of problem I would say "no thx"
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    @bahua also Intel! Intel is no longer releasing drivers for linux separately. They are commiting them to the kernel directly.

    And games still are a pain. Old ones - not so much. New and powerful ones - ... If you're lucky.

    Tried to run aquanox a few months ago. Took me a few hours and still spun up a windows vm :)
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    @JhonDoe Valve has been leading the charge recently with Proton (a combination of dxvk, wine, and other magic api translation libraries). Much of Steam's library just works now, and compatibility is improving rapidly. That said, there's always room for improvement, and your mileage may vary.

    It's basically been this last year that things have gotten so much better, so if you haven't tried in a while it might be worth another look.
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    3G ram gone after boot, 13Gb after fresh install, you don't even know, what it does.
    it's like a commercial bloatware-collection, Now, with OS included!

    Linux: 600 MB ram usage, 2 Gb after install. and you can check the source.

    I move to 100% linux earlier this year. Most of the steam games (I'm playing) works properly.
    All of the tools are working or native linux tools, so I don't miss a thing.
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    Two years in terms of proton development is an eternity.

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    To add on to the points that you mention, ever since Windows 10 was released and i had to go through the settings and untick ALL the god awful telemetry shit.

    I was like why would anyone even use your Piece Of Shit OS? I insta noped out and slapped Linux Mint the same day on the device and peace of mind ever since then.

    As others mention games, i'll take my privacy not being violated over some games and buy a console to play them.
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    @powerfulparadox Steam isnt the only game shop people use...
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    Blizzard's thing works fine, and so does the epic store. Can't speak to Uplay though.
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    Windows has a lot of platform specyfic programs that wouldnt run on linux. Also, if i make a app there is a bigger chance that the end user will use it. (multiplatform is a pain in the ass, and it isnt worth it if you are going to get only 2 users on linux)
    Not all games work on linux too.
    Linux has a lot of configurability but it isnt consistent. The differences between win7 and win10 are smaller than the differences between all 100 popular linux distros when it comes to instalation and configuration.
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    @Gregozor2121 True, but you can run all of the software that makes up Proton independently as well. It's all just a matter of time before the other launchers work okay on Linux, too.
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