In my previous rant:
Last week I resigned, in the meantime they've completely reworked the git flow process and made PR's optional, among other stuff.

Today: "Architects" ask that we stop creating tags. We're replacing release tags with release branches.

I feel dirty only for imagining having to do a "git checkout -b "v1.2.3".

Good times :)

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    Can I take a guess and say the people who always got the most comments on their PRs are the primary people responsible for the git reflow?
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    @Tayo Resigned :)
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    @alexbrooklyn not really, we have a separate "architects" team which barely touches the codebase.

    Most of the dev team is negligent with PRs and considers them a hassle, and usually the PRs are not even looked at before approval. Luckily my team (React/FE) has the habit to properly look and examine the code. + The front end team usually has 3 branches + 1/2 feature branches per repo while the other teams have dozens of branches open.

    So yeah, resigned :)
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