Went for interview .
Got positive outcome .
Asked basic details and documents for call letter .
Later put notice period .
All of a sudden they dont need me.
What the actual frig?

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    That REALLY sucks. Can you stay where you are at? Hope you figure this out.
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    @Demolishun nop. Already serving notice period
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    So, you resigned after you got the offer letter?
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    Did you resign before you signed the onboarding documents at the new job?
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    @bahua oh yes. I thought they would send me the letter very soon. They didnt say they dont need me literally yet
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    Sounds like a lesson very painfully learned. Don't resign until the ink is dry.
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    @sandeepbalan that's the mistake you have to learn from

    The same way you don't commit to your database unless and until all the things in your transaction go fine, you don't take such actions before you CLEARLY know what is next
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    There is so much ouch in this rant...

    What a shitty Christmas present.
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    Just imagine you're Tarzan swinging from one tree to another, if you dont grab the vines firmly before releasing the latest, you would most likely hurt yourself badly. We all learned somehow, your's the most painful i have seen, good luck, wish you all the greatness. If there was a way to revert your notice period as its a period would it hurt to aproach management and try without diving into details of the change of heart? You're still within legal time as employee, hope it helps
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    What pass through your mind to do that?

    I done once, but the guys screws up with me.
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    Well that's just bad interviewing discipline. You never resign without a valid offer. Huge no no. Businesses change their mind, that's just how the interviewing industry works. Tough luck but now you gotta scramble.
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