I just had to explain to a web master and sys admin how ports work and how to access a router if they change the local port... God fucking help us

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    i feel your suffering
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    @Trithon this rant was cut down further for the sake of my sanity...

    I literally had to explain what port fucking 80 did and why most device use that as the local port...
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    @lxmcf ouch!! i hope that's a really big exception rather than the rule where you work... *offers hug*
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    @Trithon I work for an ISP... Kill me
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    Someone uses the title, "web master?" Is it 1996?
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    @bahua i don't know what you would consider them haha
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    me: <opens a squarespace account>
    me: I'm a webmaster! I'm a hacker!
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    I can feel your pain. But think the worst, If you explain this to a sales person who has a degree in IT but never does practical, and in sales only. :(

    I am doing this now days.
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    Is it not like a series of tubes?
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