How do you cope with imposter syndrome? I thought I had it under control but is coming back bigger than ever today!

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    How long did you work on fixing the bug/problem before making this post?

    Do you have a github repository.

    Tell you what. Link me to it. Only the truly incompetent recognize other incompetents.

    If you're incompetent I'll tell you. For real.

    None of this bulshit reassurance people give either. I'll give it to you plain.
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    @Wisecrack I'm revisiting something ie as working on last week, before that, I spent good 4 days I think
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    Private or for work?

    Do you program professionally? (that is, if you don't mind me asking)
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    It still happens to me. I've been the on call server engineer for a while which means getting called awake for server issues in the middle of the night and sometimes imposter syndrome or panick happened.

    I always try to stay calm and tell myself to just, step by step, debug the issue.

    This *usually* works for me!
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    Just take a deep breath, and maybe light one of them heavenly medicine sticks.
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    @confusionsays I use sprays :)
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    @iggyTheCat sprays clean my monitor. Only the most carcinogenic intake for my holy temple! ;)
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