My distrust in technology does not come from it being foreign to me, on the contrary, being a developer, I have gotten to know, how things are coded and built.

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    Agreed, I'd like to live without any smart products as long as possible, except for a smartphone
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    Fully agreed, because I am a developer I have a severe distrust towards most software.

    The only internet connected devices in my house are my PC and my laptop, because at least I have control over them.

    I REALLY dislike pretty much all IoT devices, most of these "smart" devices add literally nothing and a lot of them will end up sucking 100% of maximum power in a few years anyway when security updates stop and they are recruited in some botnet.

    But I am looking for a new TV, one without "smart-TV" or at least one that functions properly without any internet connection. Any suggestions?
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    Same story with hospitals... So scary... The more you know
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    @slashasdf an old Philips maybe? Thats what I used, as pc monitor
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    @slashasdf any TV should work without internet. Just don't connect them and I'm pretty sure they won't start cracking your WiFi.
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