[Interviewer] : How would you use MySQL?

[Student] : your SQL? Can I get mine so that I can use it?

[Interviewer] * confused what to say *

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    Don't tell me this actually happened...
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    Perhaps this is a C# developer fresh out of school with 0 Linux experience? I’m really trying to give this person the benefit of the doubt but they’re not making it easy.
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    Sounds like a joke I would make, but not during an interview.
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    "Listen here you little shit, i didnt rise through the ranks of this dumb corporate hierarchy to be 'YourSQL'd by some recent graduate from a no-name university. I've heard funnier jokes from fucking cave trolls. Do you think that you're the progenitor of all things hilarious? Do you think you're so ready for a job that you forgot how to be a big boy today?

    Christ on the cross, you dont even know your own style yet. You're still trying to be someone else! You're an imitator! A pretender! A fake! How do you expect to get on in the world, when you dont even have your own shit together enough to tell an original joke?!

    You think that you're clever? Ask me how many times I've heard that joke. Ask me how many times I've thought that joke was funny. Subtract the two, and that's how many positions we have open for your bullshit. Get out of here; go back to stand-up comedy, because let's be honest, your resume is a joke, your github is a joke, and your fucking existence is laughable."
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    It's actually this woman's SQL.

    She's called My. She has a sister called Maria.
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    Answer: To save a shit ton of money.
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    @bittersweet MySQL has a sister named MariaDB
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    @opengenus poor brother MaxDB gets little attention, unless you're a SAP dev.

    That's why I'd probably never name a product after my kids... Although the widenius family might not have guessed that half the world would run on their databases.
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    I would say a NodeJS developer using MongoDB the entire time. Just giving the person some leeway
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