Well, this one is easy. It gotta be this year, as a finally finished my 2 years training as a software developer in July and I'm still working for the company that trained me.

Just as context, in Germany you have to train for a job for 2-3 years before you can actually start working in the field. During this training, you're essentially working at a company, get (reduced) pay and go to school every now and then. The training ends with a final exam, after which I could finally call myself a software developer. :-)

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    Ah a fellow Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung :D
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    @fuckwit Exactly! :-) I'm also an Informationstechnischer Assistent, because that's what I spend 3 years in school on previously.
    That's also the reason why my training took only 2 instead of 3 years.
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    I needed to do a 4 year "Lehre" in Switzerland. But can you get into higher education without tests? That's what I hade to learn French for and I hated it.
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    Is 'Software Developer' a protected category in Germany (like how you can't call yourself 'Doctor' without a specific qualification?)
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    @riskyCodes No, you can call yourself software developer and work as such just like that.

    However, specific terms like uni degrees and the apprenticeship education that the OP had are protected, and calling oneself like that without having the papers to back it up would be illegal.

    Also, it's very difficult to even get a job as software developer if you don't have such paperwork.
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    @p100sch Didnt you do the the BM after your apprenticeship? I went to Gymnasium and then to a a Fachhochschule, but most of my study mates told me that the BM is pretty much 'included' in the apprenticeship nowadays, and with that you can go study at an FH.
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    @gathurian No, I got it simultaneously and yes every employer requires you to at least try to optain it during your apprenticeship. What they taught me was almost unrelated to my profession, but at least I get easier into an FH.
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