Hands down this year.

10 months ago I left my boring fulltime job and opened my own ltd.

I also had to relocate to another country and basically start my life from 0 (got a nice apartment, new car, new gf and got new exciting remote projects).

Now Im happy, actually never been more happier. I have full control of my life and I dont need to deal with idiots.

I left a boring workplace where no one has an opinion because everybody is trying to stay politically correct meanwhile shit doesnt get done. I also left a toxic relationship where my spoiled by parents gf was constantly nagging me and nothing I would do was ever enough for her.

So my advice is a cliche but follow your gut instinct. Somehow deep down you already know what you are worth, so all is left to do is plan and act accordingly. Take risks. Sooner or later you will get where you want. If not then thats fine, making mistakes means that you actually lived instead of existed like a mindless puppet controlled by strings of outside circumstances.

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    Some people are afraid of failing because that's how they were programmed by their parents. Being able to unlearn some parts of how you operate your life is a skill that must be learned.

    Don't let the "stay in the bubble" because it's "safe" stay between you and your desires.
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    I like the:
    Mindless puppets controlled by a string

    Maybe you can add:
    High paid slave
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    😒 <-- here's an envious emoji from me!

    I hope I'll be where you are in a year or two. Not physically ofc - I like it here [I wonder why you didn't?] and I'd like € to come to my country. I hope I'll be there in the "ltd" sense.

    Until then I've got a fam to feed, project to build and €s to earn for my project expenses 😒
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    "(got a nice apartment, new car, new gf and got new exciting remote projects)."

    Dude, You just concluded that in a single sentence.

    the figgin reason i am doing this friggin full time job. and ofcourse make my mom happy
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    Glad you're happy! Congrats man
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