Google: hey website owner, use link rel preload for images loaded by CSS to reduce roundtrip delays. Chrome supports that, Safari also, and even Edge does.

Mozilla: we had some bug with preload back in FF 57 and our solution since has just been to disable preload per default. Done. Who would care about loading speed?

Also Mozilla: we have no idea why our market share has been plunging. Google is evil.

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    Mozilla whores: yes, Google is evil. I will go post it on devrant
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    @shoop hey that's me right there in this comment
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    @shoop I get it, Google has a big dick and you like it deep and hard.
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    Probably more along the lines of not having enough wo(man)power.
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    @theuser Well they did have enough manpower to add in a lot of shit that nobody wanted, go back and forth with useless UI fiddling and to axe off the whole add-on ecosystem (the only unique selling point they had).
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    @theuser wopower?
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    @Fast-Nop after Australis everything went south.
    Specially the chrome-wannabee attitude with those almost weekly version numbering and imitating (for bad) chrome.
    And yes the plug-in ecosystem became a shitshow
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    @willhertz For some reason, the dipshits in Mozilla's management started thinking once they had become the big fish in the pond, they could finally act like "big business" and fuck their users, oh the joy.

    I remember specifically one "Asa Dotzler" who was on a similar shithead level as this "Otto" mod in the official WordPress forum.

    And you're right, once they started aping Chrome, users didn't go back to FF - instead, they went for the original.
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    Also, Firefoxs UI is fucked on Linux
    - on KDE: button placement fucked, large borders
    - on gnome: can only resize from top

    But it's still faster and less buggy than chrome ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    And I love Rust 😉
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