Hey guys, maybe you can help me out. I have wasted more time than I care to admit looking for a performant web socket solution. I want something that I can build on for several planned projects. Need high performance, low resource requirements and good stability. I don't trust server side JS.
I am very guilty of premature optimization.
I saw someone recommending Nchan, a addon to Nginx. Sounded good to me. Got it built and running. But it turned out in my initial tests that it ate CPU like crazy with just a few connections. Wasn't overly stable either. Everyone in the field claims great performance but few seems to deliver. Since I have been looking at Go based solutions because it's a language I know and it seems more promising for this than PHP.
Well the Go scene for web sockets is confused. The Gorilla ws does appearently not support concurrency, rather weak for a Go package. I tried others, like gobwas. Seemed good. Got it working but it won't work with SSL. So useless to me despite much promise. Most solutions I can find are maintained by just one or two people.
Anyone has any good advice?

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