Fuck Medium.

Thank you for attending my Ted talk.

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    I found this Make Medium Readable Again addon a few weeks back. Definitely makes it readable again.

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    @fuckwit But what about all that "first world problems" content?
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    Medium started out as a clean blogging solution, mostly for tech articles. Now it's "accept cookies, login through Facebook oauth & pay for my article about why Elon Musk likes glazed cupcakes".

    dev.to is a better Medium, with only dev related content.
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    @lamka02sk well it's readable now. If you don't want to read it don't click on it :D

    I'm not sure how you are using medium but I'm only entering this site from subreddits about programming or from a Google /ddg search. So all of my content is tech related.
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    @fuckwit Yeah, well I sometimes open their app and it is always mix of political shit and dev stuff. Idk why it displays politics and racism problem "solving" to me as I never read these...
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    As @bittersweet said, dev.to is much better.
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    I've never had any cookie or login issues/popups and if I have I can't remember and most likely just dismissed them.
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    Hello Ted, I'm John.
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