Which character do you think sucks more, Wesley Crusher or Jar Jar Binks?

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    I think Wesley sucks more because Jar Jar at least has some level of awareness that he is stupid while Wesley is too dumb even for that.
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    "Shut up Wesley!"
    So yeah. Wesley. Any day.
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    Jar Jar is a Sith lord pretending to be a pathetic but lucky loser, so. Definitely not him.
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    At least they made Wesley's mother just as insufferable as him.
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    @Root Well that theory is what happens if you cross Jar Jar with Reddit - hard to say which one is more moronic. ^^

    @bahua I found her rather OK and even hot - though not in the slutty way of Counsellor Troi who was a natural game for Riker's slimy approaches.
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    @Fast-Nop There's a fair amount of evidence for it in the movie, and the voice actor apparently corroborated the theory. Also -- and most importantly -- I want it to be true.
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    @Root issa truesa. Jar jar big mean baddy guysa 😂
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    Jar Jar is the enemy within awaiting his order 66
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    Jar-Jar isa the worst
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    My wife asked about the show I was watching. I told her the Mandolorian a show based on star wars. She said "oh is Jar Jar Binks in it? He's my favorite character. I like him." I swear i did not know this when i met her. Would have changed everything. I Would have walked away. So moral of story, hash out star wars on first date. Especially before having child and stuck for life.
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