I may have inadvertently gotten my old university's Comp Sci System Services addicted to CTF wargames. oops.

I also just found out that you can prevent a more command from automatically exiting on completion only by limiting the size of the window of your terminal. I lost a good 4 hours of trying literally every ssh command combination I could, when all I had to do was use a small terminal screen. Whoever designed this last challenge should be given an award and then shot.

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    It seems you don't know what more does.
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    @IntrusionCM I may have read that man page for about 6 hours.

    Default shell made it so that more would be executed on a file upon ssh. After completion, the default shell would close access.

    The only way to prevent being logged out was to prevent more from completing immediately, so that you could open a shell from within the command still functioning.

    The way to keep more from completing was to prevent the terminal window from being able to completely display the whole text file being opened, where the bottom will display the %left to go. From there, you can access vim. Vim then lets you change the default shell script back to bash and exit to a shell.

    Thanks tho for the man page and helpful guidance :)
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    @wannabe It reminds me of a security researcher guessing the hash of an string - turns out the string was a plain text password... ;)

    I read your rant and thought: Well... Duh.

    No space to print due to resize, more waits for feedback... Hence more.

    (I guess everyone, including myself, has these moments when something plain and evident seems to be unsolvable ;) )
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