The moment when your kernel compile is like you cannot see all the output not because its slow and laggy but because its so dang fast that main limitation isnt CPU but your fucking 60Hz monitor.
I literally cannot see all the output because of it. WOW. Fucking love this server.

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    Dude WTF?!
    Even a minimal kernel, with clang and -j$(( $(nproc) + 1 )), takes nearly 20 minutes to compile on my laptop.
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    @metamourge Well i mean i do have 24 fucking threads at 2.7Ghz so no wonder its fast.
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    @metamourge And yes it isnt always that fast that monitor is limit but surely can reach that from time to time in some parts of the build but still very very impressive.
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    That's also a way of looking at tons of useless noise the compilation produces.
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    Doesn't logging become a problem at some point? Logging to the terminal is quite slow...
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    @Fast-Nop Hmmm sure but i love looking at it when it goes this fast.
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    @olback IDK. Never tried. But im sure it does actually.
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    @olback writing to a linux terminal is really slow. No comparison to a simple pipe. I never output to terminal when doing performance tests like buffered vs unbuffered output
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