Feel like I have “programmers block” How do you get over this? 😑

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    - take a break.

    - sleep

    - get drunk

    - play a game

    - smoke weed every day 🎵

    - take a walk 🎵

    Try one of those, or try all(that would be interesting) 🤷‍♂️
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    Code until it becomes the norm
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    @JhonDoe hey hey hey heeey
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    I like the multiplayer 5 question code challenges on the Sololearn app(android).
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    @JhonDoe 😂, no but seriously
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    @TYML I was serious about that
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    I sketch the problem in a piece of paper, then I burn it to calm my anxiety
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    I just work on something else until I get back to norm
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    Whenever I'm interrupted, it takes a good 10-20 min of mindless vegging to get back into a coding mindset. Netflix is great for that. Lots of absolutely terrible shows I have no interest in. Yes, I pay for them because they suck and literally no other reason. It's great.

    Music also works, but not as well. I need to already want to code for that to help.
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    @bettoisc Not for sadistic pleasure? Pitiful.
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    @Root there is more sadism in the error than in the burned paper
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    Use function scope instead
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    @Root did you watch Z Nation? Hell, it's so bad that it's good.
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    @Mosesrocks No.
    But with a review like that, I might give it a try. Zombies are usually not my thing, though. (I did really enjoy iZombie though!)
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