I don’t mind taking over a project when there is a structure and logic. Normally the problem is messy code which I can work around.

It’s a different story though when there’s model stuff in the controller and views or sometimes views calling controller functions or loading other views. I don’t even know, flicking between files, recompiling and not getting the result makes me agitate because I’m unproductive.

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    "views calling controller functions or loading other views"

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    @netikras that’s the trouble, it’s a mix depending what the dev felt like doing at the time
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    Spaghetti is on the menu.
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    I find a great practical strength of MVP is the ability to place your view layer in an entirely separate module/source set. This enforces two things: that it only talk to the presenter through the contract and vice versa. The business logic doesn't even have the necessary imports for Devs to spray a bunch of UI/platform specific code into what should be a logic module, which otherwise happens aaaall the time.

    Cue the usual suspects coming to your desk and asking 'hey I er... Couldn't show this dialog here in [insert presentation class], how do I do it?'. But you know what? That doesn't last too long... Gets the message through.

    Such a warm feeling of security.
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