Facebook wants to build an OS? Isn't it enough with Google taking our info? 🤪

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    What about chrome os and android?
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    Well, everybody wants their share
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    They failed libra, and this one too as soon as it launched😂
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    Well they are taking your data only if you allow them to.

    Custom ROM without google services. Sure life like that isnt amazing but it can be done and is working just fine.

    I rather do that then give google my fucking data.
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    @Haxk20 I like how this sounds, any page where are there trusted ROMs?
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    @bettoisc XDA developers.
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    @bettoisc it has some risks tho. You may break your phone if you dont know etf you are doing. So be careful. Read twice before flashing it. Oh yeah. Your warranty on your device will be gone if you unlock bootloader.
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    Facebook Os
    With google analytics and all google shit
    With shiti application need all your info
    With bug Everywhere for no fucking reasons

    No thx i pass
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    @Haxk20 Warranty never works in Colombia!!! 🥺 any other thing works better as support.
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    @bettoisc But still be sure to read about it before you go straight into it. You can really break the phone to the point of no return. You are playing with bootloader here. If you fuck that up you are done.
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    When they say “OS” they really mean : Fork of Android.
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    @Haxk20 Too much work.
    I’m pretty sure you can disable it on software level. DNS666 does wonders for ads. I wouldn’t mind to block ALL google domains anyway.
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    @NoToJavaScript You cannot disable telemetry in android google apps. You just have to uninstall them.
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    Many have tried.
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    @Haxk20 I have an android phone with a talk/text only account. I only have net when connected to wifi. So most of the time my phone is dark. Its nice that nothing except phone features are available during those times.
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    They grew tired of people saying the app was spying, and they want to bypass this criticism by letting the os do it instead. Classic
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    @Plasticnova LOL, spying? Really?

    Facebook: Here is our social site, btw we collect data.

    User: Here is my entire life, social networks, hobbies, pictures, vacation spots, purchases, and more...

    Facebook: ...

    User: Why you spying on me?

    Facebook just collects data from lots of people and makes content suggestions. Everything they get is from the user just handing that info over.
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    @Demolishun issa joke, calm your tits
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    Random web user entering site with facebook pixel embedded and without tracker protection: hmm this page looks interesting...
    Facebook: thanks for your data!
    User: I'd like that removed.
    Facebook: sure! Just create an account and you can remove it.
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    @linuxxx that's the way Satan would do it 🤣
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    @bettoisc Oh no this was literally an example of how it works right now 😅
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