Every time I have to write this, it feels like I have to pick a name for my new RPG character that took 5 hours to customize.

git commit -m "..."

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    just put your lunch order in there
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    You're doing something wrong then. And I'm not talking about the wrong category for this rant
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    git commit -m "short summary of work"

    Pro tip: Make multiline messages where you go into more detail. Might help understand why you did things in the future.
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    @JhonDoe Yeah already failing at a simple multiple choice, but trying to use Git. Uh-oh.
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    just describe what you changed in the code.

    if you can't describe what you changed, maybe you are doing too big commits?
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    What is the correct category for this rant?
    I just found this website yesterday, literally.
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    @Scruffs rant, joke/meme or random . devrant seems to be made for devrant community overall, like suggesting changes, bug report and so on(someone correct me if I'm wrong)

    have a good time here.
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    @JhonDoe Oh, alright that's good to know, I'll do better next time. Thank you.
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    It's ok, English is my 2nd language too.
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    I find the commit message as a work of art
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