Embarcadero tracked my progress on a potential commercial project. To my employer, I know for a fact my employee email is not connected to my personal PC. How did they get that email?
I used the unlicensed pro version of 10.3 because I thought the community version would have the necessary components needed open the source and not break the project. I planned to use the software over the holidays to dissect the code to see what changes I can bring to the table before asking them to buy me the legit license. Embarcadero caught me. Even know my project directories. How did they do it I wonder?

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    Why don’t you use https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/... with VSCode and not use stuff from that garbage company.
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    @bkwilliams he could for coding but the last time I worked like that there was no way to open forms and such (visually) and no way to use a debugger. The free Delphi plug in worked better than Delphi itself though for things like autocompletion and such.
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    The fine is $16, 083 for a 3 year license, I tried to handle it on my own to close the case, they just said even though I am the guilty party, The Company must handle it because it is a commercial application. I never wanted this to happen. I wish I could turn back time and worn myself to ask the company to buy me the license.
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    lol really? actually you could say that you used it for learning as you used it on your private pc. It shouldn't matter what projects you have opened and if they are commercial. And you used it in your free time. And I don't think it's as easy as that to let your employer pay this fine. They can just fuck off. ripping off the poor with their shit tools.
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