about to deploy half baked project on production. wish me luck

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    Surprise Holiday bomb for your customers?
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    @asgs PM committed today's date in yesterday's "casual" conversation!
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    Popcorn time!
    Let the fireworks display burn a whole in you're PM's ego.
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    Hmm...He's mad because the system isn't working on his env, I don't know whether to cry (because allegedly my code is bad) or whether to laugh (on his stupidity)... #bigbraintime
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    Good luck with the calls during holidays and debugging from home.
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    Time to hone your blame-shift game!

    If the PM insists on a release when the dev(s) say it's a bad idea, the consequences are squarely on him.
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    May the old gods watch over you.
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    What's Christmas without causing a few lord's names in vain? :P Good luck.
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    first of all, I am atheist ( not that it matters, I know you guys are rooting for me, thank you).

    secondly, it turns out he took my chunk of code and allegedly, is using my shit-tier code for his side project.

    It only goes to say that all he wanted was my code, god knows why, because he is too lazy to write his.
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    I have let a bug remain in that system, intentionally, let's see who code reviews that ;)
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    @nothappy looks he will make you even unhappier when that bug is unearthed
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    @asgs I have the fix ready in the first place, there's nothing to worry about, the moment he knows, I'll push that hotfix branch
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