I probably need to buy new headphones soon. Any recommendations for true wireless in-ear bluetooth headphones in a price range from 100 - 150€?

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    Ones with actual wire
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    Yeah. Tech is too new, they're all pretty bad afaict. Get a wired set, for that price you can get something that'll last a decade.
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    @electrineer @groxx I already have pretty good (on ear) wired headphones.
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    Airpods are around that price, and I keep running into coworkers who have abandoned X and switched to airpods happily.

    Beyond that, there seem to be rather major fundamental issues with them all, so I'm waiting for tech to shift. Low power plus passing through a meter of water between waist and head = not many options at the moment.
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    @groxx Thanks for the suggestion, but I firstly don't like Apple and secondly think they're ugly.
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    TWS A6S on AliExpress
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    I haven't acquired the taste on wireless phones. They sound substantially worse than wired in the same price range and the battery goes off when you need them more.
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    I have T1 and I love it! And it's way below your price range. Sound's good, lasts for a movie [and a bit more] and mic is.. Well, it's bearable 😁 but overall I love my T1!
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