Interviewer: "Hi, we are searching for a junior frontend dev with 1 year of experience and strong skills with Angular".
Me: "I have never used Angular before but I have 4 years of experience, It's not a problem for me to study it and use it quickly".
Interviewer: "Eh no, we are searching for someone with very strong Angular skills".
Me: "That's fine, but sorry how can a junior dev with just 1 year of experience have already strong skills with Angular? He must have also strong skills with JavaScript in general and It's quite impossible".
Interviewer: "Ehh... ehm.... ehmm..."

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    Why is angular still a thing though, I don't get it...
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    You just BSOD'd his brain
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    @oscaralus that comment's hilarious :'d
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    @kschiffer I believe that framework is revolutionary and better top of it Google's kid
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    Guys, you can have strong skills before having a job. If you work on stuff in your own time. Doesn't have to be in a job. And, companies can hire someone with years of experience for a junior position... It's just them saying that they will pay the lowest possible salary to the most experienced developer that would accept the job.
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    I'm going to play the devils advocate here, I'm looking for someone with Angular experience right now. I don't have time to wait for someone to learn the nuances of Angular 2, it has a steep learning curve and most of the questions on Stack Overflow are about Angular 1.x so unless you have been working with or experimenting with Angular 2 and Typescript since December, you're probably not going to be able to keep pace.
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    @port22 The question now would be - Are you willing to pay for this experience or you want to pay for a junior developer? :)
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    It's like I need somebody with 2 years angular 2 experience:
    Me: angular 2 came out 6 months ago.

    I'm sorry but this is what we need :)
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    If you want strong skills in some tech, you need a senior not a junior 😄
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    @port22 what about someone with a 172 iq ...
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    @DLMousey if someone has 572 iq ... We'd have time travel 😂
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